Information about the management of industrial and commercial buildings / Management of multi apartment building

Our company offers complete and professional services at reasonable price.  We manage different buildings in Montreal, Laval and north sore.
We offer complete services that are explained below:



    1. We take in charge the tenants of the building:
      • We collect tenant’s rent;
      • We send the appropriate documents to the tenants;
      • We meet tenants when necessary;
      • We sign the lease;
      • We renew the leases;
      • We take in charge the rentals;
      • We do a credit investigation of the future tenant before the signature of the lease;
    2. We establish the annual budget for the operation fees;
    3. We do the accounting:
      • We open a new bank account for the owner in which both himself and the manager need to sign;
      • We do the deposits in the bank account of the owner;
      • We manage the owner’s bank account;
      • We manage the operation fees;
      • We prepare checks for services contract;
    4. We meet the owner to sign checks to pay the expenditures;
    5. We visit the building frequently;
    6. We negotiate the service contracts;
    7. We make forecast for the work that needs to be done in the building;
    8. We supervise the work while it’s in progress;
    9. We take in charge important documents for the management of the building;
    10. We update documents for the government (ex: Annual return, Tax report…)


    1. The contract is signed for 1 year and is renewable;
    2. The contract is established at an affordable cost.  It represents a monthly amount, plus taxes, of the gross revenues;
    3. The fees of Gestion Immobilière SUBEC Inc. is payable the 1st day of each month applicable to the current month;
    4. If Gestion Immobilière SUBEC Inc. needs to do the rentals, it will keep the first month of the rent will be the commission fee;
    5. Some fees are excluded of the contract and can be done with an extra charges:
      • Attorney or notary fees;
      • Fees to collect a tenant’s rent;
      • Extraordinary fees for the mail (ex: recommended post…);
      • To prepare a file for Court or for Régie du Logement;
      • To be present at the Court or at the Régie du Logement;
      • To manage a claim (ex: fire, water damages…);

Other information about Gestion Immobilière SUBEC Inc.:

    1. We are a family company and we manage buildings since 1979 and we do management with Gestion Immobilière SUBEC Inc. since 2001;
    2. We are a member of the RGCQ (Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec);
    3. We can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for emergencies;
    4. Our company has an expertise in the construction business that will help your syndicate.  In fact, Mr Réjean Leclerc has built more than 3 500 condominium units and more than 500 000 s.f. of industrial and commercial buildings in the past 30 years;
    5. We have a 1 000 000 $ professional liability insurance;
    6. Mr Réjean Leclerc and Ms Marie-Josée Leclerc both have a general contractor’s license;
    7. Ms Marie-Josée Leclerc has also her bachelor of laws from University of Montreal.